About us

Rainbow Manor is a day care/ preschool for ages  six months to five years and an after school club for children up to age eight. It is  located at Plot 190b Prince Ade Odedina Street, off Sinari Daranijo Street  (the junction linked to Halliburton) from Ajose Adeogun. Sinari Daranijo  can also be accessed from Ligali Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island. We are open from 7.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday, all year round.

We aim to provide a dynamic, independent learning environment that is hands-on and child-driven. Children develop inner- discipline, a love of learning, and learn at their own pace guided by the Rainbow Manor technique, which promotes individual initiative and creativity.

Each child is helped to reach their full potential in all areas of life. This is called the “whole child” approach to learning. Activities promote the development of social skills, emotional growth, and physical coordination as well as cognitive preparation. The holistic curriculum allows the child to experience the joy of learning and to develop self-esteem and independence. Children use materials such as concrete objects, tactile experiments, collection, classification, and identification, designed to assist growth in practical life. The children readily take up this reality-based purposeful “work” designed to develop mental and manual dexterity whilst developing the tools for life such as the arts, music, mathematics, language, science, culture and creativity.


Here are some of the things our parents and a sibling have said about us:

“He has so much fun at Rainbow Manor.”

“My daughter is very intelligent but it is also clear that she is learning.”

“They keep asking if he went to school abroad because of his phonics.”

“Every time he learns something new, he is eager to try it at home.”

My son can blend in anywhere because of the foundation he got from Rainbow Manor.”

“She loves to sing, she is always singing something she learnt at school.”

“My father was very impressed with the way my daughter was washing her hands (aged two), I told him it was Rainbow Manor. ”

“She won’t respond to you if you don’t speak properly to her. It has made all of us conscious of and improve upon the way we speak”

” I think you need to go back to Rainbow Manor, you’ve lost all your manners.” This last testimonial came from an older sibling to her sister